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Congratulations Sichuan grand Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. new product VniGear450/550 on-line

Issuing time:2015-08-18 09:33

  After years of painstaking research and development, the company developed by the VniGear450/550 officially completed.

  VniGear450/550 is the mid shift type switch apparatus volume minimum, insulation performance the highest insulation equipment, the normal work of the altitude can reach 3000 meters. All the APG solid insulation, silicone rubber sealing technology, for the international initiative.

  Our R & D of VniGear450/550 type module of hermetically sealed solid insulated metal sheathed shift type switch apparatus, applies the segmenting complete sets of equipment in 3--10kv three-phase AC 50Hz single bus and bus. Mainly used in power plant in the power plant to send electricity, industrial and mining enterprises distribution and power system of the two substation power supply and electric power system, such as power supply and power system, the implementation of control, protection, monitoring of the use.

  The switch cabinet meet the IEC298, GB3906, etc.. To prevent load push-pull circuit breaker handcart, prevent misclassification error, error closing of circuit breaker, to prevent the grounding switch is in the closed position closed circuit breaker, prevent the charged incorrect closing grounding switch, to prevent mistakenly charged interval interlock function, equipped with our development of VCM-12 vacuum circuit breaker. A power distribution device with superior performance.

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