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August 2015 scale industrial added value increased by 6.1%

Issuing time:2015-10-26 09:38

 In August 2015, the scale of industrial added value increased by 6.1% year on year (the average growth rate of the increase in price factors, the actual growth rate of net price factors), 0.1 percentage points more than in July. From the chain, in August, the scale of industrial added value increased by 0.53% over the previous month. 1-8 month, the size of the above industrial added value increased by 6.3%.

  August 2015 scale industrial added value increased by 6.1%

  In three major categories, in August, the increase in the value of the mining industry grew by 4%, manufacturing increased by 6.8%, electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply industry increased by 1.9%.

  Economic type, in August, the state-owned holding enterprises increased by 0.6%, collective enterprises increased by 0.4%, the joint-stock enterprises increased by 7.6%, foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises increased by 2.8%.

  In the industry, in August, 41 major categories of industries in 39 industries to increase the value of an increase of. Among them, agricultural and sideline products processing industry, an increase of 7.1%, growth of 7.6% in the textile industry, chemical materials and chemical products manufacturing growth of 10.3%, non metallic mineral products industry grew by 7.7%, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry grew by 5.4%, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry growth of 11.7%, equipment manufacturing industry growth of 3.8%, special equipment manufacturing industry increased by 5.2%, an increase of 0.2% in the automotive industry, railway, marine, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing growth of 5.1%, 6.9% growth in the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing growth of 11.1%, electricity, heat production and supply industry growth of 1.5%.

  Sub regions, in August, an increase of 6.2% in the eastern region, the central region increased by 8.2%, the western region increased by 7.7%, the northeast region fell by 0.4%.

  Sub products, in August, 565 kinds of products have 278 kinds of products, an increase of. Among them, 94490000 tons of steel, an increase of 0.4%; cement 214990000 tons, down 4.2%; ten kinds of nonferrous metals 4410000 tons, 9.4% tons, 1510000 tons, 1% tons of ethylene, 4.9%, 1628000, 6.5%, 729000, 23.3%, 44340000, 515500000000.

  August, industrial enterprise product sales rate was 97.9%, down 0.2 percentage points over the previous year. Industrial enterprises to achieve the export delivery value of 966500000000 yuan, down by 3.1%.

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