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In the next few years, Europe will invest 200000000000 euros for grid upgrades

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  Bird's eye view of Europe will find a extending from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean complex power transmission and distribution network, the European power grid by the high-voltage line 23 million km and 1.5 million kilometers of low / medium pressure line. These lines are members of the border demarcation and managed by independent transmission system operator.

  The EU Commission has called for the end of the national energy isolation and eliminate the energy bottleneck, the construction of the internal market. Creating a competitive, safe and sustainable energy market in Europe to meet energy demand and increase the supply of renewable energy, the need for a large number of investment. According to the European Union estimates, increase capacity and upgrade the European power infrastructure transmission projects need 104000000000 euros, cross-border networking projects will need 35000000000 euros.

  The EU's value of about 5800000000 euros of "connecting the European facilities" project, is committed to creating a fully integrated, competitive, unified Pan European electricity market. The European Commission's goal is to increase the size of the country's power capacity across the border from the projected 10% in 2020 to 15% in 2030. In 2014, the average European interconnection level was 8%.

  Power network challenges and capacity issues

  The separation, capacity and power supply of the existing power transportation network are the main obstacles to the integration of the European energy market. Upgrading and integration of existing networks, building a pan European high capacity "highway" system, so that a large number of electricity from the continent of Europe, a region to switch to another region, is still the European Commission and the European Commission's priorities.

  The connection capacity is insufficient for cross-border transfer and transaction settings. Such as the European continent and Cyprus, Iceland and Malta are not connected, more importantly, including Poland, Britain, Spain and Italy, including many European countries in the EU in 2020 to achieve the objectives of the European Union, the issue has been slow progress.

  The opportunity cost of transmission line is not only a burden to the electric power company, but also to consumers. As in France, the lack of power grid capacity in Spain and Portugal, the Renewable Energy Corp to sell the remaining power. British China State Grid Corp believe that the new connection can be built for each consumer 10 pounds a year. Grid capacity can also lead to the problem of network balance. Such as Germany due to insufficient power grid capacity can not be the excess wind power from the north to the south, it is to encourage transmission operators to the neighboring countries to dump excess electricity. While the neighboring countries are building a huge transformer, deliberately isolating the German grid, to curb the German green energy exports surge. At the same time, Poland and the Netherlands although benefit from cheap green power in Germany in the sunny and windy days, but has had to continue to maintain the high cost of power plant capacity for a rainy day.

  Regional advancement is the cornerstone of the European electricity market to integrate the. Nordic countries including Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway have taken the lead in the integration of the electricity market, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Austria have also carried out the project integration. However, the existence of the regional market, but it helped to boost the split of the grid structure to continue to exist. In addition, the regional power grid, such as the British Isles and the Scandinavia Peninsula, is not the same as the European continent. In the UK, such as through a high voltage DC link system and Northern Ireland, Ireland, France and Holland, the United Kingdom need to increase the transformer at each end to adjust the power.

  Other issues

  The European Commission and the European interconnected power grid operators have approved a total of more than 100 kilometers of more than 52300 transmission projects, is expected to need 104000000000 euros. The trouble is that the European interconnected power grid operators have found that about 1/3 of the project is delayed, mainly because of the social boycott and longer than expected license procedures. In fact, as Bailey company energy adviser Stephen, Woodhouse pointed out that, "delay will pay a very high price, not only to the project sponsor, to consumers as such." In a Northern Ireland connection project, the land owner's opposition to the project route has delayed the project for two years, and is expected to increase the cost of 500000000 euros.

  The European Commission estimates that at least 200000000000 euros will be spent on grid upgrades for the European 2014~2020, which is about 104000000000 euros for grid projects and 35000000000 for cross-border networking projects. However, the Secretary General of the French distribution system operators and board members Michel Deldewitt in the report pointed out that the European Commission 2014~2020 year plan for the common interests of the network project contribution of 3% euros accounted for only 5800000000 of the required investment". While Stephen believes that if you give a positive incentive mechanism, the project should not be a problem, the funds will be supported by member governments, development banks and private enterprises. And the industry generally believe that the European restrictions on networking projects to combat the profits of the private sector to combat the enthusiasm of investment".

  Approval process and future

  One of the main obstacles to the interconnection project is the complex system of planning approval for investors. Energy lawyer Kay Nice Spalding said the project sponsors can not even find a mechanism to submit applications. The project sponsor is not only to submit applications for each of the affected countries, but also to obtain the consent of the local planning authority. In order to improve efficiency, some member states have begun to simplify the planning process. Such as Germany has passed a new grid expansion accelerated law, the approval process from 10 years to 4 years. Similarly, in Europe, the EU has introduced a rapid tracking strategy to determine the transmission process to identify important and worthy of.

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