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Industrial manufacturing and the Internet in the end who added?

Issuing time:2015-10-26 09:36

  Who is the subject of action of "Internet + industry"? October 15th in Qingdao, Shandong held the first World Internet industry conference to make a reply to this question. Hundreds of guests at the conference on the world to discuss how to achieve industrialization, how to implement the "Chinese manufacturing 2025", the experts believe that the main body of the action is the real economy enterprises, real economic enterprises through joint Internet companies to jointly promote the Internet era of industrial revolution".

  At present, "Internet + the new economic form although has obtained widely recognized, but for the Internet" + "and" + Internet "what the as its suzerain. There has been disagreement. Some people believe that the United States should learn the industrial Internet, focusing on the "Internet + industry"; also some people think that should learn German "industry 4", but also stressed that the "industrial + internet". At this conference, representatives of the delegates think, in logic, the industry is the fundamental, and the Internet is serving the industry.

  Shandong Provincial Committee and party secretary of Qingdao Li Qun believes that the so-called Internet industry, the essence of the Internet innovation and industry, especially in the manufacturing industry, the depth of integration of the formation of new forms of industrial development. The concept of positioning, both stressed that the end result is industry, and fully reflects the "Internet +" leading role in the economic transformation.

  There is the same view of the CPPCC Standing Committee, China Federation of industrial economics Li Yizhong. He believes that China's manufacturing industry is well developed countries by the end of the recovery and development of low cost in developing countries to enter the double squeeze". The upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of new industries have the same force, not only imbalance. Implementation of the Chinese made 2025, to carry out Internet + action is one of the important ways.

  Realize the transformation of the optimization and upgrading of industry enterprises, is the Internet + action, so the real economy companies can not wait to be changed, but to take the initiative to embrace the Internet, access to a new generation of information technology, enhanced memory power, a self revolution.

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