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Deyang Municipal Standing Committee of the Deyang district to inspect the enterprise

Issuing time:2015-10-13 09:34

Grand Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

  Deyang City, Deyang City, the District of the open area for enterprises to inspect

  Jane October 12, 2015

  Deyang Municipal Standing Committee, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Liu Hongbao; Deyang Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Yang Jianming; Deyang economic and Technological Development Zone, director Li Chengjin; Guangzhou Baiyun Electrical Group Co., Ltd., chairman Hu Deliang and other leaders come to our company for investigation and inspection.

  A line of inspection team leader in the company's general manager, Cai Qiong and company management, accompanied by the production workshop to visit, the company's production technology and products to give a certain. In the work report, Cai introduced the basic situation of the company, the development status and future planning, and in particular about our company in 2015, an important transformation. Independent innovation, practical research and development of innovative lift VniGear450-550-12 products have successfully batch production, much like the user market.

  Deyang Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee Liu Hongbao; the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, Deyang City the district Party committee secretary Yang Jianming and Deyang City Economic Development Zone Management Committee Director Cheng Jin Li; Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Deliang et line inspection leading group listened to work reports, to my company's independent innovation, pragmatic research and development to give highly recognized and affirmed. At the same time, the Municipal Standing Committee, Liu Hongbao, deputy secretary of the development of our company made an important speech. He said: the company's leaders are a very passionate, very idea of people, in a severe market competition can continue to innovate, very simple, very not easy. "High hopes for the company. Deyang city party secretary Yang Jianming also fully affirmed the results of our company, at the meeting he hoped that a line of inspection of Baiyun Electric Group Co., Ltd. can better communication and learning, in the electrical automation on a higher level.

  This time by the Deyang Municipal Standing Committee, deputy secretary Liu Hongbao led the inspection team to visit our company to visit our company to pay attention to the development of electrical equipment, so that our whole factory employees are encouraged. We said that we should work hard to create the conditions to overcome difficulties and continue to break through innovation!

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